The new line of DATACOL protectors

The Energy Project line of protectors is a complete range, in continual evolution, of cleaners for petrol, diesel and gas, which are optimizers for combustion, anti-freeze products and instrumentation


Cooling Circuit Cleaner

5 litre can

The DATACOL cooling circuit cleaner is an innovative product specifically formulated to safely dissolve these dangerous residues, restoring the engine's correct operating temperature and optimal performance. Its strong action is owing to the chemical transformation of the calcium; it neutralises the acids while at the same time detaching the grease and oils. It extremely efficiently disperses the slime that forms inside the circuit. Its formulation has been carefully balanced so as not to damage the materials composing the radiator, including the rubber and plastic; it does not contain acids or aggressive saline solutions. 

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Cooling Circuit Cleaner

Product Overview

What it is

It is a cooling circuit cleaner for use in all types of engines.


The product is to be poured directly into the cooling circuit.


Whenever the coolant is replaced or as needed.


300 ml for every 10 litres of antifreeze - 600 ml for every 20 litres of antifreeze - 900/1000 ml for every 30 litres of antifreeze. Bring the coolant to operating temperature and start the heating system, add the cleaner and run the motor for approx. 20/30 mins. After this time, completely empty the system and rinse with water, then restore the circuit and fill it up with a new antifreeze/water mix.



  • Removes deposits formed in the heating/cooling system, which form a type of barrier preventing the correct distribution of heat and blocking the thermostat valves and regulation mechanisms.
  • Restores the engine's correct operating temperature
  • Reduces wear and mechanical stress, which may lead to mechanical faults and higher than normal fuel consumption.